We Help Build Successful Businesses

Whether your company is an existing or a startup, a for-profit or not-for-profit, we help you grow your company to the next level as we become an extension of your business, and one-stop source for comprehensive business services.

Upstate NY Businesses That Are Built to Last

ADDENDA Solutions provides sustainable business services that help entrepreneurs, professionals and executives enhance the performance of their human resources, management teams, administrators, customer relations and ultimately advance your business to the next level.

Grow Your Business by Leaps and Bounds

When you contact us to write your business plan, a blueprint of your business, you will find that we are far more than just authors of a document; we are also your business consultant, coach, mentor and personal counselor from our offices in Rochester, Canandaigua and Saranac Lake, NY

Hire the Best of the Best, and Keep them Happy

Your employees are your greatest asset and greatest expense. Your business cannot afford high turnover. ADDENDA’s workforce management services include the best web-based payroll service, web-based HR management support services, WORKPLACE MEDIATION and a host of other programs and initiatives that help your employees feel valued.

Run your Business Like a Well-Oiled Machine

One of the secrets to managing a successful business is to anticipate problems before they happen.We help you find ways to boost your sales, sharpen your operation, reduce your turn-around-time and improve your customer service. We provide training, apprenticeship and internship programs that elevates your company’s performance.

What our clients say about us


  • "I needed a business plan in a very short period of time. ADDENDA Solutions provided me a high-quality plan under a very tight time frame. They assessed my needs and worked quickly to produce the end result.ADDENDA Solutions did everything in their power to make sure my objectives were met during every phase of our business plan. All I can say is Bravo to a job well prepared and that follows logically and intelligently. I honestly could not be more pleased."
    Laurie Linton
    President, ALR Supply - Buffalo, NY
  • "Carolyn is an exceptional professional. Her assistance as a colleague has been invaluable."
    Joseph E. Fiorile, CPA, PFS Fiorile
    Financial Group - Saranac Lake, NY
  • "Carolyn and I have worked on several projects together. I find her to be highly knowledgeable, detailed-oriented and very dedicated to her work. Carolyn’s passion, vision and high standard makes her company, ADDENDA Solutions a very unique, first of its kind,all-in-one business services and consulting firm in NY."
    Dr. Bernadette Poole Tracy
    President, AeduTech - Rochester, NY

What we say about ourselves

ADDENDA Solutions is a business services firm that provides an array business plan consulting, payroll services, employee benefits, human resources support, workforce management support, training, workplace mediation, business consultant, coaching and counseling services.

Vision Statement

At ADDENDA Solutions, our aim is to become the leading source of reliable, sustainable, customized business management solutions to all companies doing business in Upstate New York.

Core Values

We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, professionals and executives by providing the best service, within the quickest period of time, and at a fair and reasonable price.

Mission Statement

Entrepreneurs who own a business, professionals who have a professional practice and executives who are hired to run someone else’s company are under extreme pressure to yield results, perform at optimum efficiency, reach expected profits, and do so with the highest level of business ethics and principles Our mission is to encourage, coach, mentor and counsel entrepreneurs, professionals and executives to grow a successful company, conduct business in a principled and ethical manner, treat their employees with respect, their customers, clients and patients with appreciation and gratitude, and find ways for their company to make contribution to their local and regional communities.

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